KV Data Modeling - Time Series

Modeling time series data in a KV store

KV Data Modeling - Shopping Cart

Modeling shopping cart data in a KV store

Custom Data Extractors for Riak Search

How to index custom data types with Riak Search.

Massive Distributed Sorted Sets

How to create a leaderboard at scale or other massive distributed sorted sets.

Distributed Elixir

Chat Server and Client Example

Riak Elixir Client

Introducing: http://github.com/drewkerrigan/riak-elixir-client

Robust Search with Sinatra, Riak, and Yokozuna

This is a simple guide for integrating Riak’s Yokozuna into a Ruby Sinatra application. The code referenced here is from a demo application I wrote. The source code can be found on github: riak-search-demo.

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